Eleven reasons why mobile apps for entertainment work so well for smart phone users...

1. While sitting at a table in a venue via being able to make requests, see the playlist, videos and other information.
2. Be able to watch or share or order music for free and/or via an ecommerce link wherever or whenever you wish.
3. Use the app to get immediate "shares" on Facebook on pages of potential audience members in real time.
4. Recipients follow and "share" the act, no matter the venue, by simply clicking on the icon on their phone.

5. Share the act with others via social networks such as Facebook, email, twitter.

6. Activate the ability to use Yelp, Foursquare and other apps while attending a gig.
7. Don't require a download...use QR codes on table toppers or other literature to attract smart phone users.
8. Limit the engagement investment to smart phones because users of smart phones and tablets have 50% (statistically) more discretionary income.
9. Affordability of the app (from a few hundred $ to more...) depending upon links, info, etc.
10. To be able to create an app that the act can manage without outside help or IT people and control with no more than a hosting fee.

11. Events, info, video and audio is updated immediately to anyone following the app with simple edits.