Events Marketing

Wedding Planners and Coordinators, Corporate Conferences, Life Celebration Events Venues and Professionals, Golf Courses, All Types of Event Venues....Now Recognize the Need for Mobile Apps to Better Market and Differentiate Themselves and to Gain - and Retain - New Market Share.

10 Event Trends for 2014

Now, Provide a Custom App With EVERY Event for a Monthly Price as Little as $8 per Event or Up to $39 (Plus Development) For a Single Event

Now Give EACH of Your Events Their Own Mobile App to Build YOUR Brand and Add Content to YOUR Social Media That Increases Your Bookings 30 Ways at No Additional Cost.

From Weddings to Memorial Services, Branded Mobile Apps Customized to Your Events Client and Included with Their Quote Will Increase Your Bookings.

*Lowest price is for Enterprise Clients with monthly package that manage their own development and higher price is for a single event, not including development, training or support ($39 per hour). All prices include monthly hosting, editing platform, etc.