Food Concierge

What's a Food Concierge?

Local food delivery combined with online ordering that is provided by local restaurants and caterers but is optionally branded and/or co-branded to your property, airline or whatever community you represent.

If you have a community sports facility, golf course, hotel or residential community and would like to provide a source of meals or refreshment to your guests or residents, a food concierge is the best way to get it done. To often we overlook the wide range of local providers willing to deliver one or two meals for a small fee. 

Because so many people order online when they want a meal to order, pay and set-up pick up and delivery, and because so many food providers are familiar with this process and engage it, there are many opportunities for a apartment complex or local bed and breakfast, church or other public or private facility to offer such a service and even profit from it.

What's in it for Our Property?

Depending upon whether you own or manage a residential or retirement community, a lodging property or a community meeting/sports facility or even a place of worship, a food concierge provides food and meals ordered online via your branded app/website directly from whatever participating provider the user chooses that provides a portion of the sale to your property in return for participation.

Control of who-when-where and how outside delivery services of food (restaurants) benefit by being granted access and egress to your property by agreement, though we don't suggest denying non-participating providers similar, historical, and independent access.

How Does a Food Provider, Caterer or Restaurant Participate?

They agree to provide a specific menu and pricing, with your property recieving a portion of the sale, that is available via online ordering to your residents or guests during their normal open hours, with delivery as an option, usually for an additional fee. Provider participation also includes a link that places an order directly to them that only works during the hours they're open and only from a specific (set of) zip code(s) or within a certain range of miles, so that there is no mistake made by ordering and paying for food that is not within delivery of pick up range of your venue.

Who Puts it All Together?

LocalMobil does. As a developer of online ordering for local food purveyors, we know how to work with them and we reach out to acquire as robust of a mix of resources to your community as are a available, locally, and in particular those that offer delivery. We build your online web app and manage and maintain it for a low fee charged to the food provider. We supply each provider with an e-printer where orders print immediately after being placed.

How do Residents and Guests Participate?

If they choose to participate, there is no fee, they simply "click" on a QR code or use a website address provided by you on the property to get the menu, terms and customized ordering on their phone or desktop. They see images of the food, personalize their order, include drinks...whatever and (depending upon the requirements of the purveyor) pay immediately via PayPal, credit/debit card, house account and/or choose to pay by cash upon delivery/pick-up.

In a lobby or public facility, or in a hotel room, a simple and inexpensive tablet on a tabletop kiosk can provide a link to provide access to your food concierge, or even just a simple sign displaying the app, links and instructions so that the user can participate on their own phone or desktop. When they use their own device, an icon and link is offered to them on their phone so they can then "click" anytime and utilize the online app.

Then, What Happens?

An order form is emailed to the purveyor, with copies to your property email address from us, so no orders are "missed", and so, the property manager or marketing or financial officer can monitor progress and revenue. The food purveyor also gets a digital, automated (redundant) phone call describing the order so that it isn't missed or forgotten. The order contains everything the purveyor needs to complete the order include the delivery address, phone number and email address of the orderer.

How Does Our Property Get Paid?

You can handle your own billing of the food provider as you wish, based upon orders recieved or choose to not charge the food provider or we can optionally include an additional transaction fee on the order charged to the orderer or, we can charge a percentage to food purveyor and/or the orderer to compensate you.

How Much Can Such a System Provide in the Way of a Revenue Stream?

Generally, current online ordering services can charge from a small flat dollar amount to percentages approaching 30% to provide online and/or delivery services to local restaurants, and we have seen small local restaurants such as pizza, gyros, pubs, diners and sandwich shops generate a range of sales in the $3K-$4.5K monthly from online sales. How much of that comes from your property will be known to you, however, if you charge a 10% fee you could easily earn hundreds of dollars monthly from only a few hundred residents, even if a small percentage use the service.

What Other Benefits Are There?

There are already leaders in this field that provide this service for major and local properties that have antiquated systems that include phone calls, participation by your staff, etc., while the rest of the world is moving to online ordering from the smart phone the customer already has in their possession.  They WANT to use their smart phone and that means that there no longer needs to be an employee spending time and participating in the ordering or delivery process, and THAT saves time, increases accuracy and accountability, reduces staff training and creates a brand new revenue stream that is simple, verifiable and (almost) immediately available without a contract. Plus, online orders are already the source of 50% of QSR deliveries so the technology and benefits are already established by credible 3rd parties (and competitors). Let's talk about it....

We handle Food Concierge interest or inquiries personally, so if you have more questions, we look forward to a discussion with you.