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From YouTube Video to Ecommerce Websites -

We have been assisting jewelers and other ecommerce businesses to better present and package their product offerings...so we found a great option with Shopify, an ecommerce platform perfect for this local jewelry store, which also was a platform that could handle product videos.  EVERYONE knows that videos greatly increase sales. 

Seldom does anyone ask us any longer "what kind of mobile apps do we build"?  Instead they see our history and successes and, with us, engage the conversation about "what kind of goals do we have for online?"

Sure, we do mobile, but today mobile success is linked to social media, online commerce, web, Google reviews...so much more than a mobile web app.

We provide services that run on websites, desktop, mobile and tablet that are seamless and flexible and our services include....

Concept Development


Copywriting Services


Marketing Services


SEO Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research


Web Design


Mobile Web and App Design


Online Ordering Design


Branding, Logo, Image Design


Social Media Engagement


Online Advertising/Promotion


URL Website Name Search, Purchasing, Registration and Hosting Management


Administration and Management




Promotional or Marketing Video


and, Web Site Maintenance Plan and Development Fees List, Confidential Information and Agreement, Joint Venture, Google, Professional branding using (or creating) your logo, colors, and own your photos and/or videos (or choose quality stock images), Third Party Marketing Sites and Search Engine Page Optimization as "Manager", E-Mail Marketing, Credit Card Processing, Shopping/Cart/Menu Development, SEO Page and Image on-page keyword insertion, title tags, and meta descriptions that help your site rank, Monthly content marketing as we author articles and create social bookmarks to support organic rank increases on major search engines

So, here's some mobile info because, after all, you're expecting it, but consider LocalMobil as the best source for solutions that focus on top response for business, non-profit or institutional web, mobile and any on-line, e-commerce, communication or modern media need you may have.

Coming is online streaming, virtual reality, live video, influencer marketing, the reduction in organic search success, so much we can't begin to catalog here.  Or, check out out Social Marketing information HERE! Search Google to get your own answers, but talk to us at any time....if we're on the phone, just leave a message and we WILL get back to you.