If you find anything you'd like to discuss, please feel free to ask us how mobile, social, online ordering and the right combination of those combined with your product and service done the right way, work in your favor. 

Loyalty Programs

Are important even to the most successful businesses to increase transactions during slow times, to encourage more "buzz" in social networks by customers that will brag about you, and to attract a very specific demographic that will respond to deals if - and when - you need cash flow infusions.  Plus, loyalty programs will connect you to more social networks like Facebook, by your customers.

How Does Loyalty Work with a Mobile App?

Loyalty works with or WITHOUT a mobile app and we recommend, if you're hestitant about anything, to consider beginning with a loyalty program that is simple and meets your goals.   A recent Fast Casual article reminds us that there are now 80M millenials that respond to loyalty, and the article goes on to offer a 6 point plan to implement to earn their loyalty.  

Image from Fast CasualWe especially like their Point #6. Keep their loyalty. Forty-five percent of Millennials will go out of their way to shop at stores that have rewards. Explicit loyalty (buy three, get the fourth free, for example), is less valuable than implicit loyalty (knowing customer names, favorite meals).

Local small businesses have an edge over franchises because they already know their customers and can easily take advantage of the returns of an "implicit" loyalty approach.  Below are a few examples of what you can expect of a basic, but effective loyalty program....