It’s Not About an App or a Website or Ad, It’s About Effective, Affordable, Engagement & Conversion via Social Media

A proposal called MPAQC by

Mobile Prospect Acquisition, Qualification & Conversion


Why would our dealership want a “social media” mobile web app?

There are dozens of reasons, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you, but let’s focus on only one of those for the moment - the most powerful form of marketing is word-of-mouth from happy customers. No one is more happy than someone taking delivery or a new or repaired vehicle, and that’s when MPAQC is most effective.  Mobile users Like, Share, Tweet and Push because social media is the word-of-mouth of today. Plus, this new word of mouth happens at a level of geometric progression in only hours that used to only happen after years of personal referrals in the past. It is the only form of advertising that gets posted for you by your customers in front of THEIR chosen friends, family and co-workers that is free to you. A mobile web app is the easiest to use and the quickest way to get your business in front of those important 3rd party, warm market referrals with a uniform standard.

Can’t my customers do that without a mobile app?

Yes, but you need to intervene to use the functionality of THEIR device with a message that is assured to elevate YOU, so you must “pre-populate” a message that is uniform and includes an offer, a link and YOUR brand and image also…and do all of this with a simple “click” and isn’t complicated, which our web app provides. You can’t depend on their device, willingness or assistance alone.  Basically, you can’t depend on individuals that may use other methods that possibly don’t feature you or don’t leave a positive, lasting, actionable and engaging impression of your business. This opportunity is too important, effective and affordable to leave to the judgment, skills and intentions of others any longer.

How is this different than the pictures we already take and put on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media pages?

Pictures on your pages are limited only to the customers that “Like” you first clicking on YOUR page and then uploading where they will only be seen by customers you already have or that have liked you. (And, let’s face it people seldom “like” a corporation or business…but they like to “like” people.) Our Social Boost Feature messages are posted on the CUSTOMER’S Facebook and Twitter pages and/or emailed to reach a much wider audience of NEW business prospects that probably don’t even know you. It is your customers taking the initiative of placing YOU in front of thousands of new, friendly, acquainted and interested prospects of THEIRS on THEIR social media pages every month.

How do we get trained?

Training can be remote, or we can do in-person training including 1-on-1 training with your entire team.

What if my customers do not have smart phones or if they have a smartphone they don’t have social media pages…or even worse they don’t want to share with their networks?  And WHY would they put anything on their phone that is unnecessary? 

You can post the reluctant customer on YOUR page(s)…at least that is something. But, eventually, anybody of importance will have a smart device, almost all will have some social media connection…even grandmothers, and if they don’t want to share with their networks just take a profile or car snapshot with your own device that protects their identity and do not use their name when YOU share it. Unnecessary? Wait until you see the other marketing functions of our web app and how they will help you sell, but we’ve already taken too much to explain this one singular feature and benefit so let’s talk next.

What about privacy issues?
Your customer photos are never shared without customer consent – The photos do not even save to the device the app is on. THEY chose to share (and determine how much of their identity to give up and where and whom to share with when they set up their social media) – You’re just asking for a favor and it’s 100% protected. (Just don’t take identifying pictures of those with NO desire to share or be shared.)

What percentage of emails, Facebook and Twitter posts sent to their list get opened?

Some industries that succeed with sharing, such as beauty salons and some automobile showrooms, say they see open rates over 90%.  Why? Because the prospect is opening a communication from their friend with personal images, a deal and excitement.  The average count of Facebook friends can reach between 250 and 300.  Sharing something your customer likes and needs that is also easily available to all their friends to see is important, and who doesn’t want to see what you did to make their friend look so happy?

Do your customer’s messages really get viewed and re-shared?

Yes they do!  Similar efforts in other industries see view rates as high as 75% or more.  Re-sharing happens, but we feel the initial benefits are so powerful we don’t even consider the long-term potential of a share going viral in a family or network of friends, family, neighbors or fellow employees.

What if my staff is not very tech savvy? (They’re not, we already know…but they appreciate personalized social media tools.)

Our web app was built with that in mind.  Any one (with even the biggest thumbs) can easily complete the process in under 2 minutes.  We want to help you make this tool a part of your company culture to grow and nurture this remarkable new growth opportunity.

We tried taking pictures and had very little success – How is this different?

The 2 most important components to getting team and customer buy-in is there must be something in it for the customer and team member that is doing the work, AND the process must be VERY SIMPLE.  MPAQC has developed a web app, training and methodology that engages the customer and allows the team member that initiates the share to participate in the benefits.

What are the potential returns of using the Social Sharing Feature on the mobile web app? (We are using female stats because they’re more social…but guys can be also.)

The average US female has 163 Twitter followers and 29% of millenials use Twitter. 72% Of online users go to Facebook at least monthly and there are 150M+ daily users in N. America. 66% Of millenials in the US use Facebook and the average female has 250 Facebook connections…some surveys say 300. Forgetting all the other social media for the moment (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) and focusing only on Facebook, if only 6 customers a day share using YOUR mobile app, that equals 9,000 free, branded, linked ads of yours weekly, or 468,000 per year…many of which are repeated to the same networks by the same friend that grows more and more confident about YOUR dealership doing beautiful things for them. How difficult would it be to triple those numbers? (And that does NOT include the re-shares, etc.)  See the stats for yourself HERE –

Imagine getting 40,000 (approx) full color ads shared monthly with the perfect prospective customer that already knows and networks with your existing customer that includes links to your web app/site, a special offer and your branding image for $39.00!  That’s less than 1/10th of a cent per live, real-time, actionable on their phone - ad!

HOW do we do it?

You do nothing…and your existing online, web and social media links and assets are put to use in this unique social media marketing app. First we build a “master” sharing app with all your existing assets, including links to your current (mobile optimized) inventory, coupons, service, appointment requests and more, for your review, editing and final approval. Our web app development tech team is well trained and experienced and they know how to integrate connectivity features that are social media and communication focused.  We can build an app for the dealership as a whole and, optionally, we can duplicate one for each team member…you choose.  By leaving a space for the sales/service team member’s images and personalized video on individualized versions of the master (which we provide), the app has the team member giving a dealership tour focusing on his job function. Then, we provide connectivity and a control panel and dashboard for your social media/tech team for oversight and accountability.  There is no coding and we can handle it all, you can handle it all, or we can do it together… whatever works for you. Then, once done your chosen team members and your customers do all the work…and no one sends a check to Facebook.