NEO Food Trucks


Local Food Truck Operators Should Consider ONE Web App They ALL Participate In So That They Can Be Found ALL the Time, EVEN if it Also Includes the Competitors

We're local advocates of NEO businesses and restaurants and have difficulty finding consistent and easily accessible information about where food trucks are most of the time. It's easy to learn about you but when I want that Cuban sandwich I love, WHERE is it today?

Many of you have agreed with us that NEO food truck fans need a better way to connect and to engage with you to find out where you are, so we would like to apply our skills to building a solution.

Social media and websites work on a limited basis and only with people that have opted in to connect with your truck, limiting your opportunities with new users/markets searching by location TODAY...even if it means they may find other trucks in other locations.  Oh well...

There are also many venues that would like to connect with multiple food trucks simultaneously to create opportunities but also find it to be difficult.  So, a "one source" connectivity point for promoters as well as consumers is what we're proposing to create.

When your truck isn’t in the area where they work or are located...and they’re hungry...they and you are better off if they can find another truck because:

  • Food trucks are a unique choice that should be nurtured, but more than one truck is a reasonable way to organize for reasons listed
  • Local operators can’t always afford advertising their own current events...
  • Collectively organized, a lot more customers will show interest
  • No other universal marketing opportunity exists except for limited exposure events in unpredictable local media

We propose that a universally accessible web app is best because of these 10 reasons

1.   There are now too many trucks to be followed effectively by consumers in any other manner

2.   One web app on their phone all the time with every food truck 24/7/365 is more likely to be used more often. Consider the office worker that wants to participate but can't - or isn't permitted to - take the time to search for each truck individually.

3.   There is no downloading, web apps even work on desktops, and an icon will reside on their phone all the time

4.   The app can be neutrally administered for the good of all

5.   A standardized calendar can be used by each operator easily from their own personal smart device, and securely, blending ALL calendars together for easier use

6.   Twitter, web, calendar, Facebook...websites can all be linked and are easily accessible with a simple click

7.   More than half the population already has a web connected smart device (some, multiple devices) and 80% will by 2015

8.   Access via URL (browser) or a QR Code (on trucks) is easy

9.   QR Code/URL can be easily posted/shared/promoted

10.   Facebook, Twitter and other social media personal to the user can be easily utilized to further promote events at no cost to user networks

Why LocalMobil?  We’re experienced, local, we’re willing, we’re not charging except to pay for it and recover costs and, frankly we’ve already done it for ourselves because WE wanted easier access to our local food truck schedules and menus.  (We did the same thing for a group of 50+ NEO farmers markets.)

What next?  We’re stuck…we need an online, mobilized calendar/schedule, easy for all to use that all or many food trucks agree to use.  We think we’ve got a great, working, generic concept and we’d like your input about that and other subjects during an open meeting that addresses your concerns about the app.  

Please call us (440-544-6530) or send us your email address ( and contact information and we'll get back to you.