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Need an Ecommerce/Online Ordering Site?Sample Jeweler ECommerce Home Page


ECommerce Online Ordering Connected to Social Media Pages/Sites Included - Basic Website with Product and/or Services Offered Content Needed


Website will be built on the Shopify (General Merchandize) or Whizorders (Food Ordering Online) E-Commerce Selling Platform. 


It will include up to at least 5+ Pages, 0-15 Links, Full SEO Fulfillment, Business Location Search Engine Mapping with Google and Bing, Complete Web Tools Submissions, Google Analytics Results, Domain Registration, Complete Software Package, Responsive Design, etc. Email account(s) in Domain's Name Available at Extra Cost (Google Custom Email Account is Free, but We Can Set it Up at Hourly Cost of $60.).


Sub-Pages of Content not Supplied by Business Owner.mple Jeweler ECommerce Product Category Home Page


Monthly Subscription for Website Maintenance will start 60 days after initial Start Up Fee Paid


$1,899 First Year Setup Cost


Monthly Maintenance (starts 60 days after start date)


$109 a Month

eCommerce Shopify - eCommerce Shopping Cart


Initial Setup of a Shopify Cart - Initial Consult with Business Owner, Design and Setup Basics of an eCommerce Shopify Cart. Includes 5-6 products (samples of Your products), pictures (non-licensed/public use listed or provided by client), Navigation Tabs, Descriptions, SEO examples of Product, sizes/colors, etc.


Requires Annual (current $29.00 Yr.) Subscription of Basic Shopify Plan.


eCommerce Shopping Cart - Initial Setup ONLY $180.00mple Jeweler ECommerce Product Category Page


(Non-Attorney Authored, Site Terms and Conditions – add $99.00)



Sub-Domain Site for Selling ~ Website (not WP) to Shopify Platform


Create and Connect Sub-Domain to Shopify eCommerce Cart Platform. Does not include URL re-directs if switching Cart Platforms to Shopify


Sub-Domain Site URL for Shopifymple Jeweler ECommerce Product Offering Published to Facebook


STD (Basic Non-Premium URL) $120 Includes One (1) Year Period, Billed Yearly (at Current Rate)



Adding Your Products to a Shopify Cart


Customer supplied product information supplied with full listing info - Pictures, Descriptions, Amounts, Prices, Weight, etc. - to be added to Shopify eCommerce Shopping Cart. Products will be added to cart with full SEO and all supplied information.


Adding Products to Shopify Cart ~ 6 (Up To) per Hour $60.00 OR Training YOUR Techie to Add/Edit Tweaking/Editing  your Shopify Cart Theme or Making Minor Changes – Minimum (Without Contract)


Spread your menu or products everywhere
We have always had the ability to build a single-item order form linked to ecommerce collections, but now Local Mobil has

Custom Online Ordering Apps

Businesses are able to easily add their products or food and instantly create a mobile ordering app. Fully integrated with custom accounts and payment processing.



The mobile ordering apps are completely customized to the businesses brand. Customize logos, color schemes and product pictures.



With our, and partnership, (as well as cash and house account options) businesses are able to easily collect money directly from the consumer at the time of purchase.

Just a few more of our online ordering features....


English/Spanish Toggle

 You can add an English/Spanish toggle to the footer of your marketing site. Businesses can also add an English/Spanish toggle to the footer of their ordering sites.


Copy a business/Menu

 We will copy the entire menu, all images, configuration settings, etc., excluding the payment integration.


Reservations or Appointments

You can change the businesses "reservations" text to whatever you want such as "Appointments".


Yelp Reviews

Hate Yelp or love it, businesses can optionally add their Yelp reviews to their website. Connect your Yelp profile under "Configuration" which will add a navigation link for reviews on your website.

Social Media Links/Engagement

With Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Trip Advisor, Urbanspoon, Zagat and more embedded/actionable from your online ordering app, customers can learn about and share you with friends.


 Businesses can add deals. The customer will be able to put the deal code in a special field.


Shipping Options

 You can now choose if a business wants their package dimensions for FedEx and UPS in pounds/inches or kilograms/centimeters.  And, you can also leave dimensions blank now.


Tips to an order

 Customers can now add tips to their order. This feature can be toggled off/on.


Delivery Restrictions

 We have delivery restrictions to prevent people from ordering outside delivery area



 Just ASK!



 Customers can use the app to make reservations. You can either use OpenTable or create a custom reservation form.


YOUR Branded App Icon on Their Device Always

 Your app icon for your business. When customers add their app shortcut to their home screen on their phones, it will use the app icon to connect with just a "click".


Payment Methods at Checkout

Businesses choose whichever of multiple payment methods for their customers to checkout with. At checkout, if the business has multiple options, the customer will choose. If they only have one payment option enabled then it will automatically use that one.


Order Pick Up Times

 Customers can place pickup orders for future dates and times and the business can control how many days out in advance a customer could order.


UPS & FedEx

The system integrates with the UPS and FedEx systems to get the correct shipping costs on products. 



Website Ordering

Website Ordering

Fully functional ordering website all branded to your business. Add an "Online Ordering" widget to your current website or use as a standalone website.



Add the optional online ordering widget right to the homepage of your current website to get consumers ordering.



If you do not have a site or want your site to be a simple way for consumers to order your products, you can use the online ordering website as your main website.



Businesses have all the flexibility in the world to create their menu or product list for easy consumer ordering.

Tablet Ordering App

Tablet Ordering App

Tablet ordering apps have multiple applications in which they can be used. Restaurants are able to replace paper menus with tablets. Retail can display ordering kiosks. Field sales people can make sales right from their tablet also!



Waiter? What waiter? Let customers order their food or products while sitting in your business. Digital menus are the next big trend!



Put a tablet ordering kiosk anywhere in your business. Easily have your ordering app displayed at all times on a tablet kiosk in your store or restaurant.



Customers are able to easily place orders through the shopping cart. Merchants have the ability to use customer data for marketing purposes.

Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering

Everyone is on social media. It only makes sense to have your products and the ability to order those products right on your Facebook page!  

**Why Every Restaurant Needs This Feature


There are currently 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Some of the most "liked" pages on Facebook belong to food and beverage brands, with approximately 187 million consumers restaurant brand "likes" on Facebook. Facebook is a critical forum for food and beverage brand identities.

An application like this gives Facebook users yet another reason to "like" a restaurant brand on Facebook, hence gaining the brand more fans and more loyal customers. The process is convenient and the order process is faster than ever, since the consumer can place an order without having to hop from website to website - it can all easily be done right there on the restaurant's Facebook app. Far from replacing the traditional way of ordering food via the brand's website, the Facebook integration acts more as an enhancement to an already-streamlined experience; it's simply one more online option for consumers to take advantage of in a world that lives for social networking.

We Supply Counter Signage and Inserts for Your Orders to Get Your Customers to Consider Using Your Online Ordering Option on EVERY Device and to Install YOUR Icon on Their Devices