Online Food Ordering

From a single-item order form linked on any website or mobile app to ecommerce collections, Local Mobil also has E-Cart Online Food Ordering Customized to Your Brand!

Overview of Online Food Ordering for Locals

Online Food Ordering now encompasses more than 60% of all major chain fast casual orders, so they have their "own" customized web/app created, leaving locals to figure out how to compete.  So, big online ordering and/or delivery networks that provide everything from a simple and affordable, secure and proven web app to a 'contracted' arrangement with a marketer such as GrubHub, Yelp, Facebook, EatStreet, Uber, etc., can be a problem.  See this linked video for an example.  Those contracts are expensive and locals quickly find themselves being 'owned' by contracted services with high costs, delivery issues, branding to THEM and NOT the restaurant, lack of control, difficulty making menu changes and, worst of all, are next to impossible to escape.

We've experienced local pizza places spending $700-$800 monthly with GrubHub just to access $4,000 in orders, to find out that when they cancel GrubHub, their customers....customers they've had for years... are met with a "no longer providing online menu" message. Further, some of these services take ownership of whatever URL is used and stored on the customer's phone home screen to then, NOT turn the URL back to the local restaurant and continue to interfere with ongoing orders over a long term by providing ordering customers "substitute lists" of "available local online food" by competitors of the local restaurant. 

But, online ordering of food continues to soar as a process Americans have embraced.  See this recent CNBC article for the stats. If you do food and haven't gone online, it's time to study the best way to get there, and soon, if you hope to retain and gain market share. Also, if you want to own ALL of your businesses online ordering, menuing and branding, save hundreds of dollars per month, control the way your customers order from you, control your cash flow and you consider your web address(es), web branding and ongoing access to be YOUR asset and not that of a third party tech marketer that works with a zillion of your competitors, we have your solution for success.

Our Online Ordering Success Solution -


Spread your menu or products everywhere

Custom Online Ordering Apps

Businesses are able to easily add their products or food and instantly create a mobile ordering app. Fully integrated with custom accounts and payment processing.



The mobile ordering apps are completely customized to the businesses brand. Customize logos, color schemes and product pictures.



With our, and partnership, (as well as cash and house account options) businesses are able to easily collect money directly from the consumer at the time of purchase.

Remember, with LocalMobil online ordering  your money is YOUR money from the time it is collected, vs a third party tech or deliverer that has a service that collects and then takes weeks...sometimes a month or more to send you your revenues.  Cash flow is a major issue to food service, so don't let a third party control YOURS!

Just a few more of our online ordering features....


 Most online ordering providers don't want to bother with picture collection, optimization and integration onto your app. It's the most time consuming function of building an ordering app. However, pictures express the quality, appetizing effects and causes the emotion behind ALL food ordering. Online ordering is done by people in their car, at work, on the bus or at home that don't have access to your printed menu with pictures and they need 'more' of a connection to feel comfortable with online ordering.  Food images speak to trust, expectation and quality, and best of all a higher average order value, so we make certain that all main food items are pictured.


Website Ordering

Website Ordering

Fully functional ordering website all branded to your business. Add an "Online Ordering" widget to your current website or use as a standalone website.

Get Order by Fax, Email, Text, Phone, E-Print, View on an Order Website Page or Choose ALL...

Eprint to Epson/HP....(some sample printers above) and order comes in at no cost to you.  PLUS you get an automated telephone call that tells you the order is coming in!

PLUS PLUS - Orders are only possible when you are open for business AND there are THREE available 'open' times, one for 'dine-in', one for 'take-out' and one for delivery, the delivery schedule can start later (after you have time to open) and end earlier (so you don't have delivery vehicles going out when you're supposed to be closing)


Nothing to Download from an APP Store

 People do NOT need, nor do they want to be forced to populate their smart devices unless absolutely necessary.  With food ordering, it is NOT and should NEVER be necessary to demand a customer first install your native app to order a burger.  Our apps may be converted to native apps, but we strongly advise against it because it will NOT increase your orders, customer satisfaction, quality or provide any long term benefit.  Ask us for more details if you have doubt...but a web app gets your customers ordering now - no waiting - no security or other privacy fears. (Besides, you're going to have their phone numbers, names and email addresses to add to your database no matter how they order....just an FYI)


Tablet Ordering App

Tablet Ordering App

Tablet ordering apps have multiple applications in which they can be used. Restaurants are able to replace paper menus with tablets. Retail can display ordering kiosks. Field sales people can make sales right from their tablet also!



Waiter? What waiter? Let customers order their food or products while sitting in your business. Digital menus are the next big trend!



Put a tablet ordering kiosk anywhere in your business. Easily have your ordering app displayed at all times on a tablet kiosk in your store or restaurant.



Customers are able to easily place orders through the shopping cart. Merchants have the ability to use customer data for marketing purposes.

Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering

Everyone is on social media. It only makes sense to have your products and the ability to order those products right on your Facebook page!  

**Why Every Restaurant Needs This Feature


There are currently 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Some of the most "liked" pages on Facebook belong to food and beverage brands, with approximately 187 million consumers restaurant brand "likes" on Facebook. Facebook is a critical forum for food and beverage brand identities.

An application like this gives Facebook users yet another reason to "like" a restaurant brand on Facebook, hence gaining the brand more fans and more loyal customers. The process is convenient and the order process is faster than ever, since the consumer can place an order without having to hop from website to website - it can all easily be done right there on the restaurant's Facebook app. Far from replacing the traditional way of ordering food via the brand's website, the Facebook integration acts more as an enhancement to an already-streamlined experience; it's simply one more online option for consumers to take advantage of in a world that lives for social networking.

We Supply Counter Signage and Inserts for Your Orders to Get Your Customers to Consider Using Your Online Ordering Option on EVERY Device and to Install YOUR Icon on Their Devices