Why Mobilize?
In 2013, we posted the information below on this website, thinking it was very convincing...almost unbelievable... in its convincing argument to mobilize. Now, when we look back, we see that the information, if anything, didn't come anywhere near being close enough to what has actually happened to the incredible growth in mobile traffic.  Even Google changed their search algorithyms to favor mobile over desktops...and that was only two years later (early 2015).

Just think, if someone had come to you and told you what was going to happen in the future to greatly increase your business, if you only would believe them. Now, you can see...and ask yourself - have you mobilized yet?
NEW update on app stats, OR Why a Mobile App is So Important:

78% have discovered a new business on their mobile device

A new survey from Hubshout has produced some stats around mobile search. 

Key findings include: 

  • 94% of respondents say they use a mobile phone to search for local businesses.
  • While conducting a search for local goods and services, 78% of mobile users discovered a business that they previously didn't know existed.
  • 54% will look for information on a business elsewhere if it can’t be found on the mobile website, but 39% will simply look for another business.
  • 72% will quickly leave a mobile website if it is slow to load.
  • 33% will leave a site that is difficult to navigate.
  • 72% say a well-designed mobile website makes a good impression.